9★ The Scorn of the Sun

Quest Type
Event Quest
Elder's Recess


All runs

OmegaPlatinum Gaming03'53"75Heavy BowgunFreestyle
QuAくえ 06'53"90Hunting HornFreestyle
サンソン (Sanson) 04'39"25Sword and ShieldFreestyle
tatsuffy 02'56"41Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Hybris 04'22"51HammerTA Wiki Rules
R Zonda 04'17"99HammerFreestyle
Peppo 05'09"83Long SwordFreestyle
눈이즐겁구나 03'20"66BowTA Wiki Rules
눈이즐겁구나 04'54"35Long SwordFreestyle
Phemeto 03'04"18Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
아리아나 (Ariana) 02'57"68Heavy BowgunFreestyle
ばろ (Baro) 05'37"88Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
B Kai 04'45"18Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
幻金皓月 03'52"11LanceFreestyle
だるまゆき (Daruma Yuki) 05'12"26Switch AxeFreestyle
Just Shaded 03'26"35BowFreestyle
Agirao 04'30"75Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
ばろ (Baro) 03'48"18Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
もっぽろん (Mopporon) 07'00"81Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
lea 02'37"88BowTA Wiki Rules
ネコがみ (Nekogami Kuroha) 02'26"00BowFreestyle
ICARUS 04'26"95Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
cming 02'43"15Great SwordFreestyle
iDOLA 05'40"36GunlanceFreestyle
テル (teru) 02'45"81Heavy BowgunFreestyle
いろはす (Iroha) 02'21"45BowFreestyle
Koushikin8bit 06'19"45Switch AxeFreestyle
ハルケン (Haruken) 04'28"45LanceTA Wiki Rules
cming 03'24"96Great SwordFreestyle
纯洁的教皇 (Pope) 02'20"66BowFreestyle
David Do 04'47"21LanceTA Wiki Rules
诗皖丶 (Shivan) 03'31"99Long SwordFreestyle
M.M.R 02'27"91BowTA Wiki Rules
SIX ZERO 02'45"80BowFreestyle
诗皖丶 (Shivan) 03'19"99Long SwordFreestyle
ちゃん (Chang) 04'11"73Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
DRE 05'30"53Switch AxeFreestyle
QUEL (クエル) 04'47"68Dual BladesFreestyle
MEGA evolution (めがしんか) 03'07"56BowTA Wiki Rules
ゼロX (Zero X) 05'57"90Switch AxeFreestyle
Crowoly 04'30"48Dual BladesFreestyle
lea 02'30"91BowTA Wiki Rules
Aris 04'15"53Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
Phemeto 04'31"28Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
David Do 04'28"71LanceFreestyle
Tazttyyy 02'37"81BowFreestyle
猫车川KT (chimera) 04'01"99Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
SEAFIGHT 03'51"00Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
トモキ (Tomoki) 05'17"25Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
黛安娜公主 (Princess Diana) 02'35"23Heavy BowgunFreestyle
TSC 02'53"06HammerFreestyle
ボム (Bomb) 03'27"21Great SwordFreestyle
きむかず (Kimkaz) 02'42"98BowFreestyle
DeCioth 04'14"83Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
のら (Nora) 05'52"68Switch AxeFreestyle
あぷとむ (Aptom) 03'36"36Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
tatsuffy 01'55"55Heavy BowgunFreestyle
いろはす (Iroha) 02'04"98BowFreestyle
Crowoly 04'22"65Dual BladesFreestyle
毛肚 03'53"99Long SwordFreestyle
HK_MH_OLAY 02'41"10Great SwordFreestyle
luna 04'03"98Light BowgunFreestyle
SIX ZERO 02'33"20BowFreestyle
HK_MH_OLAY 02'26"88Great SwordFreestyle
トモキ (Tomoki) 04'42"71Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
ボム (Bomb) 02'32"23Great SwordFreestyle
咩瓜 03'57"48Long SwordFreestyle
すい (Suy) 04'31"00Sword and ShieldFreestyle
Crowoly 03'54"48Dual BladesFreestyle
Noirmann 06'24"91GunlanceFreestyle
SIX ZERO 02'24"58BowFreestyle
Boosted 04'32"65Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
Syl 03'48"80HammerTA Wiki Rules
Shiro 04'51"90Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
Cybele (Vlad Tepes) 01'44"03Heavy BowgunFreestyle
活潑君 (RIO) 06'48"99GunlanceFreestyle
라료라료 06'10"86Hunting HornFreestyle
早餐奶 (airA) 02'28"15BowTA Wiki Rules
烈酒 03'12"99Long SwordFreestyle
Crowoly 05'05"48Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
星落 (Starfall) 02'32"36BowTA Wiki Rules
活潑君 (RIO) 06'18"88GunlanceFreestyle
陌影 03'52"78Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
Cybele (Vlad Tepes) 02'27"45BowTA Wiki Rules
Fyra 06'51"90Hunting HornFreestyle
NeoWolf 05'14"46BowFreestyle
luluijn 03'50"18Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Crowoly 03'38"86Dual BladesFreestyle
纯洁的教皇 (Pope) 02'03"78BowFreestyle
slime 04'46"16Sword and ShieldFreestyle
ZeroFata 02'18"56BowFreestyle
Crowoly 04'32"60Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
Crowoly 03'25"31Dual BladesFreestyle
Cybele (Vlad Tepes) 02'19"81BowTA Wiki Rules
Crowoly 03'21"66Dual BladesFreestyle
ぶらんく (Blanc) 05'01"81GunlanceFreestyle
Crowoly 03'12"93Dual BladesFreestyle
Gilgy 06'53"71Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
cming 03'40"40Great SwordFreestyle
RedNouggetd_10 04'08"68Great SwordFreestyle
Kekko 06'17"26Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
Crowoly 04'14"51Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
slime 04'24"51Sword and ShieldFreestyle
Kekko 06'03"53Switch AxeTA Wiki Rules
早餐奶 (airA) 02'19"45BowTA Wiki Rules
Crowoly 04'03"65Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
Cybele (Vlad Tepes) 03'47"51Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Cybele (Vlad Tepes) 02'12"18Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Alessia 07'20"68BowTA Wiki Rules
Alessia 02'38"28BowTA Wiki Rules
Cog Vokan 06'36"60Sword and ShieldFreestyle
Cybele (Vlad Tepes) 01'46"05Great SwordFreestyle
delbuster 02'04"25Great SwordFreestyle
HCZS 04'23"96Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
HK_MH_OLAY 05'50"47Great SwordFreestyle
HK_MH_OLAY 04'23"13Great SwordFreestyle
HK_MH_OLAY 04'45"19Great SwordFreestyle
HK_MH_OLAY 04'26"58Great SwordFreestyle
HK_MH_OLAY 04'18"27Great SwordFreestyle
HK_MH_OLAY 04'00"42Great SwordFreestyle
HK_MH_OLAY 03'15"82Great SwordFreestyle
HK_MH_OLAY 03'12"10Great SwordFreestyle
Jin Furai 02'22"93Great SwordFreestyle
ssh0703 03'11"46BowFreestyle
ssh0703 03'00"91BowFreestyle
ssh0703 02'59"96BowFreestyle
ssh0703 02'44"45BowFreestyle
ssh0703 02'53"90BowFreestyle
TSC 02'51"58Great SwordFreestyle
TSC 02'18"98Light BowgunFreestyle
TSC 03'07"13Great SwordFreestyle


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