9★ Like a Moth to the Flame

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Event Quest
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Phemeto 06'04"08Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
たちばなな (Tachibanana) 04'07"36Long SwordFreestyle
なつめ棗 (Natsume) 07'52"03Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
NoeL 06'21"28Insect GlaiveFreestyle
ハイド (hide) 04'39"31BowFreestyle
tatsuffy 04'37"28Light BowgunFreestyle
ハルケン (Haruken) 05'42"83LanceTA Wiki Rules
Dongrean 07'08"98Dual BladesFreestyle
YAMA 05'11"25GunlanceTA Wiki Rules
ゲームギア (Gears Game) 04'45"38BowFreestyle
ちゃん (Chang) 04'57"15Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
サンソン (Sanson) 05'41"61Sword and ShieldFreestyle
すぅ (Suu) 02'56"21Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Useless 03'37"08Long SwordFreestyle
Photowork 04'37"98Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
SIDESKETCH 05'42"45Heavy BowgunFreestyle
喜欢鱼子酱的DJ 04'02"53Long SwordFreestyle
だるまゆき (Daruma Yuki) 05'56"21Switch AxeFreestyle
弗丁shushu (fuding) 07'50"00HammerTA Wiki Rules
黛安娜公主 (Princess Diana) 03'45"95Heavy BowgunFreestyle
AmaDEUS_225 09'46"56Hunting HornTA Wiki Rules
Argo 04'25"93Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
チャンプ (Champ) 08'06"30Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
ICARUS 04'18"88Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
ネコがみ (Nekogami Kuroha) 03'43"31BowFreestyle
いろはす (Iroha) 03'57"43BowTA Wiki Rules
Mzly 05'02"41Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
slime 05'49"33Sword and ShieldFreestyle
HK_MH_OLAY 03'29"27Great SwordFreestyle
AngBata 11 02'48"05Heavy BowgunFreestyle
まふゆ 04'49"58Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
マスター (Master) 07'15"23Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
Erudax 03'48"58Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
黛安娜公主 (Princess Diana) 03'11"08Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Argo 03'57"06Long SwordFreestyle
れうすわ (Suwa Dreadking) 04'15"61Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
tatsuffy 02'36"10Heavy BowgunFreestyle
Zamor 06'10"78Long SwordTA Wiki Rules
劍鬼恋歌 07'41"58Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
トモキ (Tomoki) 05'57"88Light BowgunFreestyle
黛安娜公主 (Princess Diana) 03'08"33Heavy BowgunFreestyle
マスター (Master) 07'04"26Great SwordFreestyle
玖尾银狐 04'21"81Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
Catnius 05'40"80Heavy BowgunTA Wiki Rules
SEAFIGHT 04'52"23Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
マスター (Master) 06'44"70Great SwordFreestyle
Pochi 06'31"23Insect GlaiveFreestyle
ガラハッド (GALAHAD) 04'51"45Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
マスター (Master) 06'24"23Great SwordFreestyle
DeCioth 04'04"70Great SwordTA Wiki Rules
Crowoly 06'53"36Dual BladesFreestyle
星落 (Starfall) 05'02"96Dual BladesFreestyle
Cybele (Vlad Tepes) 02'25"25Heavy BowgunFreestyle
トモキ (Tomoki) 07'19"85Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
早餐奶 (airA) 03'56"83BowTA Wiki Rules
纯洁的教皇 (Pope) 03'42"63BowFreestyle
Altairz 05'33"05Charge BladeTA Wiki Rules
ZeroFata 08'47"18Insect GlaiveTA Wiki Rules
Erudax 05'44"80Light BowgunTA Wiki Rules
Crowoly 07'07"08Dual BladesTA Wiki Rules
夤星 (Yínxīng) 03'25"18BowFreestyle
早餐奶 (airA) 03'45"66BowTA Wiki Rules
Alessia 03'59"21BowTA Wiki Rules
Cog Vokan 08'31"91Sword and ShieldTA Wiki Rules
HK_MH_OLAY 08'04"69Great SwordFreestyle
HK_MH_OLAY 05'38"40Great SwordFreestyle
HK_MH_OLAY 06'53"77Great SwordFreestyle
HK_MH_OLAY 05'10"24Great SwordFreestyle
HK_MH_OLAY 05'13"44Great SwordFreestyle
HK_MH_OLAY 03'53"02Great SwordFreestyle
HK_MH_OLAY 04'48"20Great SwordFreestyle
HK_MH_OLAY 03'31"66Great SwordFreestyle
TSC 05'24"23Great SwordFreestyle
TSC 05'13"91Great SwordFreestyle
TSC 05'11"30Great SwordFreestyle


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